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ATMs & Money Exchange

Currency exchange services for obtaining Japanese Yen are available at Kansai International Airport. Large banks, post offices and some large hotels also provide a currency exchange service but the types of currency available are quite limited. Please note that most banks and post offices are closed on weekends and national holidays (ATM machines are open).

International Service ATMs

Seven-Eleven Convenience Stores
All Seven-Eleven Convenience Stores in Japan offer 24-hour access to cash with foreign cards (PLUS, Cirrus, VISA, AMEX, MasterCard, or China UnionPay, etc.); PIN# required; Some machines don't work certain times of the day depending on the card.

Post Offices
Almost all ATM at Japanese post offices have English menus and accept foreign-issued ATM and major credit cards (VISA, PLUS, MasterCard, Cirrus, AMEX, etc.); PIN# required; Opening hours vary depending on the size of post office (major post offices open until 17:00 or 19:00): Withdrawals from foreign issued cards often must be made before 17:00.

Foreign Exchange

Smart Exchange Currency Exchange
Easy and simple currency exchange in 20 seconds!; Available with 12 currencies; Over 70 locations in Kyoto

Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Money Exchange Corner
All major currencies; 11:00-18:30; Closed Sat., Sun., holidays; On the southeast corner of Shijo Kawaramachi.

Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Money Exchange Center
Major cash currencies; 9:00-16:00; Closed Sat., Sun., holidays; On the southeast corner of Shijo Karasuma.