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Internet Access

KYO Navi: Free internet access (with your laptop or tablet); 2F of Kyoto Station Bldg.

KYOTO Wi-Fi: Free internet access is available at bus stops, subway stations, Seven- Eleven Convenience Stores, and other public places with a sticker of ''KYOTO_WiFi''; everyone can use it for free and 24 hours; To use KYOTO Wi-Fi: STEP 1) Configure SSID: Select KYOTO Wi-Fi on Wi-Fi setting screen; STEP 2) Login: Launch Internet browser of smartphone or PC. You can access to Internet after accepting terms of service on login screen; To use KYOTO Wi-Fi 02: STEP 1) Get a Guest Code: Access from the QR code or sending an e-mail to the e-mail address below. You will receive an e-mail with your Guest Code to your address: guest@inf-kyoto-city.info ; STEP 2) Set up the SSID: The Wi-Fi configuration screen choose your SSID: KYOTO_ WiFi02; STEP 3) Login; *Enter the Guest code and press the Enter button.

Shijo Street (between Kawaramachi and Karasuma): Network: shijo-0123456789; Password: 0123456789.

Kyoto International Community House: 2 computers & free Wi-Fi (with your laptop); daily 9:00- 21:00, closed Mon..

PORTA (shopping center underground of Kyoto Station): Choose ''KYOTO-PORTA'' and click ''Connect'''.