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Kyoto Visitor's Guide
July 2014

July Event Highlights
The Changing Seasons of Kyoto
Worlds of wonder, history and beauty

Gion Matsuri
A Matsuri Revival in 2014

Summer Beer Bonanza
Recommended indoor & open-air beer halls & restaurants in Kyoto

Explore the Old Capital on Foot!
Recommended book review by KVG editor

A delightful Kyoto early summer experience
Kyoto's Recommended Shopping Destination
Uragu- A Completed Small World of Beauty
Kyoto Station Building Information
Gate to Kyoto - Start and finish your fun, sightseeing from here! Best spot to watch, participate and even just for rest!
Editor's Dining Recommendation This Month
POUND - Dry-aged beef. Life's too short to make sacrifices
Major museum and gallery exhibits Museums, Theatre & Other Fun
What's on this month Visual Arts, Noh Theatre, Other Fun

Cover photo: A scene of Chigo riding a horse, parading in Gion Festival. Photo by Digital na Kajiya, an amateur photographer based in Kyoto. To see more of his brilliant photos of Kyoto, visit his blog: http://dejikaji.exblog.jp/