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Kyoto Visitor's Guide
2017 November

November Event Highlights
The Changing Seasons of Kyoto
Worlds of wonder, history and beauty

Train Trip Through Magnificent Autumn Foliage
Colored leaves & changing sceneries from railway windows in Kyoto

Kyoto Station Building Information
Gate to Kyoto - Start and finish your fun, sightseeing from here! Best spot to watch, participate and even just for rest!
Nara, another Old Capital where Japan's heart is still alive
Discover more of Japan -Excursions from Kyoto
Kuraya Hashimoto
Preserving the World of the Samurai Sword, the Height of Japanese Spirit and Craftsmanship
Girljin in Japan By Rachel Tranter Davies
Try Cooking Japanese Autumn Bento at Home
Major museum and gallery exhibits Museums, Theatre & Other Fun
What's on this month Visual Arts, Other Fun

Cover photo: Immerse yourself in the autumn hues of red, yellow and orange at their finest in Kyoto this month; Go out for Momiji-gari, the traditional Japanese pastime of viewing autumn foliage; Photo courtesy of Digital-na-Kajiya, a talented amateur photographer who captures all different aspects of Kyoto: