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Secret of Beauty
Recommended cosmetics born in Kyoto

The power of Asian herbs for beautiful skin

Kyonoyuki makes cosmetics with the philosophy, ''Isyoku Dogen,'' which means that food and medicine essentially have the same root. 27 types of strictly selected Japanese medical herbs from all over Japan are soaked in the pure water from Kurama (northeast of Kyoto) and this nutritious extracted component is a key ingredient in all skin care items at Kyonoyuki.

Trial Set (1,944 yen/a week's portion): Including 4 basic skin care items in a cute cherry blossom pouch!

Open: 10:00-18:00; Closed: Wed.; North side of Nijo, west of Ogawa; Tel: 075-256-7676; www.kyonoyuki.com

Recovery Gel Cream (6,264 yen/60g): Complete your skin care with this item alone after washing your face. It will keep your skin fresh and moisturized.
Massage Cream (7,344 yen/120g): A highly effective cosmetic which makes your skin transparent with only a minute massage. The aroma will soothe your fatigue.

*Photos courtesy; Kyonoyuki

Japanese natural camellia oil filled with natural power for skin & hair

Trial Set (1,944 yen/a week's portion): The popular basic 3 items (facial soap, moisture milky lotion, white moisture cream) and mini-size of camellia oil in the original pretty pouch.

For the more than 150 years since its foundation, Kazurasei has been producing and selling Japanese combs, hair ornaments and hair-care items as well as skin care and cosmetics. The natural moisturizing factor of oleic acid which is extracted from carefully selected camellia berries using their own special method will add luster to your skin. It also has a barrier effect on dryness and ultraviolet and makes hair and skin moisturized and smooth.

Gion main shop: Open: 10:00-19:00; Closed: Wed.; On the north side of Shijo, west of Yasaka Shrine; Tel: 075-561-0672; Also have a branch shop in Rokkaku (11:00-19:00; Closed Tue.); www.kazurasei.co.jp

Kaoru Tsubaki Oil (3,564 yen/60ml): Excellent beauty oil with organic essential oil added to the camellia oil.

*Photos courtesy; KAZURASEI