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Try Kimono in Kyoto!
Where and how to enjoy the traditional clothing of Japan

Kimono - a symbol of traditional attire of Japan. The Japanese word ki means ''to wear'' and mono means ''thing''. The kanji for the word kimono simply means ''thing to wear''. Until the Second World War, well over 90% of Japanese women wore kimono on a daily basis. Today, you might say the kimono is part of the history of Japanese women. Depending on their age and generation, women typically wear a kimono anywhere from once every few years to a few times a year for attending weddings, funerals and other special occasions.

For Japanese people who don't often wear a kimono, their idea is that, wearing a kimono is confining and it is too difficult to put on. However, there are many new methods and services to enjoy kimono in more fun and easy ways in Kyoto. You can even pick up a Kimono Passport from the Information Center at Kyoto Station, which entitles you to discounts at various temples, museums, shops. You also get a 10% discount when you take an MK Taxi. Try on a kimono and have a deeper Kyoto experience.

Rental Kimono in the Middle of Gion
Gion Okakimi
Gion, the largest maiko & geiko district in Kyoto, is the heart of Kyoto's culture. Why not try on a kimono and go explore the beauty of Kyoto's stone-paved streets with lanterns on both sides? Okakimi offers a very easy & quick kimono rental service for you in the middle of Gion. Just stop by at Okakimi, choose a kimono that you like from their vast selection, and then after only 5 minutes, you will be clad in a beautiful kimono. The secret is that Okakimi prepares ready-tied obi sash and the underwear so that it is not too tight around your body and takes a very short time to get changed. All necessary accessories are provided.

On the east side of Hanamikoji, about 150 meters south of Shijo
Open: 11:00-19:00; Closed irregularly
Tel: 075-561-2303

A Selection of Thousands of Kimono
From backpackers to real celebrities, Mimuro is the store for those who look for kimono & all of the necessary items. People claim that Mimuro has Kyoto's number 1 kimono selections in their big 5-story building filled with as many as 50,000 kimono and related items! You can find formal kimono for special occasions, artistically decorated kimono with embroidery, modern & international designed, colorful and reasonably priced yukata (casual style summer kimono)... Everything you need regarding kimono is all under this one roof. Not only with Japanese customers, but Mimuro is very popular with foreign visitors. Visit Mimuro and take your time to search for the best kimono for you.

On the north side of Matsubara, west of Karasuma (a 5-min. walk from subway Shijo Stn.)
Open: 10:00-18:30
Tel: 0120-366-529

Meet Antique Kimono in a Small Machiya Gallery
Yuzuiro is filled with the interesting flavors of Japan. Their selection of kimono includes several one-of-a-kind antique kimono. One antique kimono is like a treasure as it is taken the best handiwork by the best craftsman of that time. Everything is so precise and so detailed that it cannot be recreated today. As their two friendly owners hope to have more people enjoy kimono as a part of Japanese culture, they teach how to choose and wear kimono at the shop. There are also a variety of old and well-cared for Japanese household items (ceramics, lacquer ware, tea ceremony utensils, etc.) and pretty handmade accessories using old kimono fabric.

Across from Westin Miyako Hotel (a 5-min. walk from subway Keage Stn.)
Open: 11:00-19:00, Closed: Thurs.
Tel: 075-752-5007