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The Temple, The Street, and then, Our Home

Oshido has been settled on the slope leading to the world-famous Kiyomizu Temple since it opened in 1887. Long before people were ever aware that Kyoto would one day welcome tourists from every corner of the globe, the former owner of Oshido focused on supplying items for international tourists, offering a variety of gift items from Kyoto. The present third generation owner, Koichi Kimura, was born and brought up in this area and is a truly genuine ''Kiyomizu'' person. Koichi studied textile design at the University of Georgia and continued to work there after his graduation for seven years until returning to Kyoto in 2000.

Managing his souvenir shop in Kiyomizu, Koichi is very enthusiastic about the works of the Monzenkai (the local community in the Kiyomizu Temple area). ''The temple first, the street second, and then, our home.' Every person who was born in this area and every shop conducting business here carries this concept in their heart. It doesn't mean that the temple is the most important nor that we should leave our home behind, but it says these three localities are equally important and precious here in Kiyomizu.''

The night-time light-up event prevails throughout Kyoto today, but it was Kiyomizu Temple that first started it twenty-five years ago, and its success wouldn't have been achieved without the effort and cooperation of the Monzen-kai. Koichi exclaims passionately, ''We must continue to respect the Monzen-kai's predecessors' efforts made with the concept of 'The Temple, The Street, and then, Our Home'. We are ready to make every endeavor so that Kiyomizu Temple and our street become the best tourist site in the world.'' Kiyomizu Temple has already been world-famous for long period of time, and what has sustained and will continue to sustain its position in the future is the firm relationship between the temple and the Monzen-kai.

Oshido: Open: 9:00-17:30