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Get Out into Nature!

Grand View of Kameoka from the Sky by Paraglider
Jumping out into the sky from a high hill, about 580 meters above ground level, and looking down at the spectacular countryside view below is an absolutely thrilling experience. In Kameoka (30-min. train ride from Kyoto Stn.), one can try paragliding with an expert instructor; after suiting up in the necessary equipment and following some kye instructions, the only thing left is to keep your nerve in the short-run to the edge of the hill and takeoff!!

Birds Paraglider School
12,000 yen for weekdays (13,000 yen for holidays); Reservation required from their website; Traveler's insurance coverage required for tourists; Length of the time riding on the paraglider depends on the weather, but approximately 10-20min.; birds-para.com

"Shower Climbing" at Miyama-Splash in the Pure Cool Water
Miyama is a charming old village out of Kyoto City where traditional folk culture, thatched roof houses and countryside life still exist. Tautasya's experienced and professional instructor will be your guide for this incredible experience of "shower" climbing up the white water of a pure, flowing stream. Splash into the water and enjoy an adventurous day in the river and forest.

Shower climbing starts from mid-June; 21,600 yen/group of up to 3 people; 7,020 yen/person from group of more than 4 people; 10:00-15:30; Reservation required from their website; Traveler's insurance coverage required for tourists; To get to Miyama Town, take JR Sagano Line from Kyoto Stn. to Hiyoshi Stn., and take the local bus to Chimi-guchi Stop; www.nantan.zaq.ne.jp/fuajs500/outdoor/outdoor-top.html

Feel the Earth and Energy - KYOTO YOGA 2018
Why not participate in a large open air YOGA gathering, right in front of the huge torii gate of Heian Shrine. The 1st KYOTO YOGA will be held on June 10, from 8:30 to 16:00. The event includes free & paid- yoga classes, a live music concert and sales of yoga related goods; https://www.kyo-yoga.com/

Photo image from last year's International Yoga Day