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Kyoto Station Building Information

The Gateway to Kyoto
The perfect complement to traditional Kyoto, the Station Building's modern design is not only the city's main transportation hub, but is home to a variety of amazing cultural, dining and shopping experiences. Enjoy futuristic facilities in the heart of the ancient capital!

*All Photos courtesy; Kyoto Station Building

Magical Wonders of Color and Light 2018

Christmas Illumination 2018
A variety of Christmas lightings will illuminate the entire Kyoto Station Building; celebrate Christmas under the lights and while away some time appreciating the surrounding illuminations!

22-meter Giant Christmas Tree
at Muromachi Koji Square (4th Floor)
Nov. 17-Dec. 25: 10:00-22:30

The giant Christmas tree, the Station Building's representative winter symbol, will appear with its new 2018 design in front of the big stairway! Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the sister city relationship between Kyoto and Paris, the Christmas tree this year will be gorgeously decorated with Paris-themed flowers and music.

Other Illumination Spots
Until Feb. 28, 2019: 17:00-22:30

In addition to the giant Christmas tree, the Kyoto Station Building will be full of lights and illumination during winter time: East Square on the 7th floor, Skywalk (on the 10th floor, until 22:00), and the open space (from Nov. 23 to Mar. 23, 2019) in front of the Station Building (between main bus terminal and the building).

*All photos are from past years.


Kyoto's Goshuin Temple Seals and Goshuin-cho Notebooks
Nov. 2-30: 10:00-19:00 (TBA); In front of the Information Center

Goshuin is a seal provided at temples and shrines, which is a combination of hand written calligraphy characters and a traditional stamp. Visitors can receive a Goshuin as evidence of their entry, donation and worship whilst inside. Each temple and shrine has its own character and stamp design, each with a special meaning.

Goshuin-cho is a special notebook, often beautifully decorated with fabrics and paper, in which people collect Goshuin. This exhibition features Goshuin and Goshuin-cho, providing a great opportunity to learn about the religious tradition and culture of Kyoto. Some specially-selected unique Goshuin-cho notebooks and Goshuin designs will be showcased.

Referring to a way of life fundamental to Kyoto culture and nurtured by the city's artisans, the word ''Bifu'' can be translated to ''lovely ways'' or ''beautiful customs.'' The KYOTO BIFU exhibitions at Kyoto Station Building introduce ''Bifu'' in its various forms, both new and traditional. Particularly, they focus the works of artisans who embody this philosophy and, in turn, have come to represent the Kyoto way of life.

Kyoto Station Eki Bldg. Marche
Nov. 23 & 24: 14:00-20:00

Join a fun Marche and find pretty and organic items. Fun live music will welcome and entertain visitors, too.

Venue: East Square of the Kyoto Station Building (around the Gazebo)
*In case of rain, held at Kita Piloti, next to the east square.

*Photo from the previous event

Graphical Illumination PLUS
on the Big Stairway

The Kyoto Station Building will be romantically illuminated using special effects, together with approx. 15,000 LED lights, on the main stairway (125 steps) featuring special graphical images along with elegant music. Enjoy the artistic seasonal illuminations of Kyoto.

Welcome message: From 17:00
Special illumination: 19:00-22:00
*Illumination time varies depending on the season

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

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