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Kyoto Station Building Information

The Gateway to Kyoto
The perfect complement to traditional Kyoto, the Station Building's modern design is not only the city's main transportation hub, but is home to a variety of amazing cultural, dining and shopping experiences. Enjoy futuristic facilities in the heart of the ancient capital!

*All Photos courtesy; Kyoto Station Building

>>>In front of the Information Center

June 1st SAT-30th SUN
''Fashion Cantata from KYOTO'' is a fascinating annual event in Kyoto during early summer (on June 8th this year). The event was started in 1992 to promote traditional cultures of Japan, particularly focusing on the fusion of Japanese and Western fashions from Kyoto. Famous fashion designers join the event and showcase their creativity. During the Fashion Cantata Week at the Kyoto Station Building, a variety of inspiring fashion related exhibitions and events will entertain you.

June 1st-7th
''TANGO OPEN'' Exhibition

Chirimen, also known as silk crepe, is a form of textile made of flat-woven silk. ''TANGO OPEN'' is an exhibition where people can learn about the 300 years of history of Tango Chirimen, produced in Tango Province of northern Kyoto Prefecture as well as the contemporary designs and fashion items.

June 9th-18th

World-renowned fashion designer, MARC JACOBS, joins the Fashion Cantata from KYOTO this year. Experience the creative world of MARC JACOBS through the video from the show and exhibition of some of his designs. *Content of exhibition is subject to change.

June 20th-30th

Elaborate Kimono and costumes showcased in the ''Fashion Cantata from KYOTO'' show will be exhibited. Admire, close-up, how they look and appreciate the beauty of the fusion between Japanese and Western fashion cultures.

>>>West Square

June 1st-30th
The Kyoto Brand Exhibition

''Atarashikimono Kyoto'' and ''KYOTO EFFECT'' are two newly born projects led by handicraft manufacturers in Kyoto, in a collaboration to present contemporary styles for a modern lifestyle, based on traditional craftsmanship. Brand new products created from the collaboration with the Tango Chirimen craftspeople will also be exhibited.

*Photos from previous event.


Originally made to celebrate the 50th anniversary since the LEGO® brick's arrival in Japan and the 15th anniversary of the Kyoto Station Building, this special LEGO® model was completed in 2012.

LEGO and the LEGO logo are trademarks of the LEGO Group. ©2013 The LEGO Group.

The LEGO Group based in Denmark was established in 1932 by the Ole Kirk Kristiansen. The first LEGO® set was sold in Japan in 1962 and soon became an essential item which has entertained Japanese children and people for over 50 years and helped nurture their creativity through playing. Come and see this extraordinary one-of-a-kind Kyoto Station Building model now showcased at the East Square of the building.

Kyoto Station Eki Bldg. Marche
June 15 & 16: 12:00-18:00

Join a fun Marché and find pretty and organic items. Live music will welcome and entertain visitors, too.

Venue: East Square of the Kyoto Station Building (around the Gazebo)
*In case of rain, held at Kita Piloti, next to the east square.

*Photo from the previous event

Graphical Illumination PLUS
on the Big Stairway

The artistic Graphical Illumination on the Big Stairway began in 2012 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Kyoto Station Building. The main stairway (125 steps) is illuminated with approx. 15,000 LED lights, set along with elegant music. Enjoy the artistic seasonal illuminations of Kyoto.

Illumination: 16:00-22:00
*Illumination time varies depending on the season.
*The illumination will not operate during special events.

“Reiwa”- the name of Japan’s new era (until end of May)

Water Lily

For more details, visit the website:

Directly connected to the Kyoto Station
-the best shopping experience ever

Directly connected to Kyoto Station, the JR KYOTO ISETAN offers everything you need from the latest fashion to Japanese sweets and teas produced by time-honored shops in Kyoto as well as fresh fruits, food, traditional crafts and popular cosmetic items. A variety of dining options, including Sukiyaki, Tempura, Sushi and Tonkatsu, await you! Tax-Free Service and currency exchange machine available for foreign customers.

Open: 10:00-20:00
11F Restaurants: 11:00-22:00
7F-10F Open View restaurants: 11:00-23:00
Tel: 075-352-1111 Closed: Irregularly

Relaxation in Japanʼs Ancient capital

Direct access from JR Kyoto Station
Elegant haven of modern comfort and style.

Phone: +81-75-344-8888 (Hotel)

30 SHOPS as of May, 2019
Kyoto Wi-Fi available at B2F, 1F, 2F and 11F

B2F fashion floor 11F Food Alley

Convenient access from both JR & Subway Kyoto stations! An array of all kinds of great shopping scenes: popular apparel brands, watch, bag and ladies shoes and even morning breakfast is available on the B2F! On the 11F, a wide variety of dining options await you!

11F Food Alley: 11:00-22:00 (L.O. 21:30); 2F Kyoto Souvenirs: 8:30-21:00; 1F Kyoto Souvenirs: 8:30-20:00; B2F Fashion: 10:00- 20:00 (until 21:00 on Fri. & Sat.) *Opening times vary depending on the shop. Tel: 075-371-2134 ; http://en.thecube.jp

Porta Dining
Fantastic Food Mall with Excellent Choices

A great variety of dining options are gathered at this mall from Japanese, Chinese, Western dishes to cafes! Directly connected to Kyoto Station, this is the best place to spend your time while waiting for your next journey. Take-away food and breakfast service are also available at some places. *Major credit cards accepted at all places including GINREN and Alipay.

Cafe & Restaurant: 11:00-22:00 (morning from 7:30)
*Opening hours vary depending on the restaurant.
Tel: 075-365-7528 (English spoken)

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