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Kyoto Station Building Information

In 2017, Kyoto Station Building will mark its celebratory 20th anniversary!
Dining, shopping, cultural experiences and fun events-Kyoto's gateway is always open to everyone.

*Photos courtesy; Kyoto Station Building

Gourmet Fair 2017

A gourmet campaign with participation of 106 restaurants and cafes in Kyoto Station Building. Collect Lucky Draw tickets according to how much you pay for dining and beverages. Take part in a Lucky Draw that offers wonderful prizes every day!

Dine at any of the 106 participating restaurants or cafes in Kyoto Station Building and receive Lucky Draw tickets!

Go to the Lucky Draw Venue!

Take part in the Lucky Draw at the Lucky Draw Venue

If you draw hits, you receive a great prize.

Kyo-no Honmamon
Kyoto Station 140th Opening Anniversary Special Event
''Kyoto Saryo'' Railway Cafe and History of the Kyoto Station

2017 will be a special commemoration year for the Kyoto Station as it celebrates its 140th anniversary since opening in 1877 as the gateway of Kyoto City. What is more, in September, the present 4th generation Kyoto station building will be welcoming its 20th opening anniversary as well. Various attractive events are scheduled to be held until March 2018 at the Kyoto Station Building to celebrate the special year!

''Kyoto Saryo'' Railway Cafe
Feb. 1 - 28

A special Railway Cafe will be open in the ''Kyoto Saryo'' cafe. A wide variety of train models and ''Bon-rama'' (bonsai-like diorama) will be exhibited and sold. Diners can order and savor a special ''Ekiben'' lunch box (12:00-14:00; 1,500 yen; limited numbers).

Special Eki-ben lunch box: 1,500 yen

Get an Eki-ben and receive a Kyoto's Kitayama cedar wood Coaster!

Photo & Panel Exhibition
History of the Kyoto Station
Feb. 1 - 28

On the 10F of Station Building ''Sky Walk''
2017 marks a very special year for both Kyoto Station and the Kyoto Station Building which welcome their 140th and 20th anniversaries respectively. To commemorate this special year, the history of the Kyoto Station will be introduced with photos & panels. Visitors can enjoy learning about and seeing what the station and building looked like in olden times. Photos are collected from the local people, mainly in the Shimogyo Ward, as well as ones owned by Japan Railways.

Hosted by Kyoto Station Building Development Co., Ltd., JR WEST Cooperation: Shimogyo Ward Office

Kyoto Saryo Japanese Tea & Gallery
Gallery: 10:00-19:00; Cafe: 12:00-19:00 (L.O. 18:30)
2F of the Kyoto Station Building (next to the Station Building Information Center in the concourse)

Graphical Illumination ''PLUS''
on the Big Stairway

The ''Big Stairway,'' a highlight of the station building and a popular spot for tourists, will be illuminated at night with beautiful images of Kyoto's scenery. The Big Stairway has an unbelievable total of 171 stairs and uses about 15,000 LED lights for this wondrous performance. Enjoy a show of powerful yet subtle beauty!

Various beautiful images and messages: from 17:00
Winter images: 15:00-22:00

Kyoto Station Building 20th anniversary logo

St. Valentine's Day

Food, Clothing, and Housing Items
All you need under one roof at the JR KYOTO ISETAN

Directly connected to Kyoto Station, the JR KYOTO ISETAN department store offers an array of shopping options - from the latest fashion to Kyoto specialties, traditional crafts, daily housing items - all the needs to fit your lifestyle. Our unique and diverse restaurant selections also welcome you. Helpful services for foreign customers are available (Tax-Free Counter and Automatic Foreign Currency Exchange Machines).

Open: 10:00-20:00
11F Restaurants: 11:00-22:00
7F-10F Open View restaurants: 11:00-23:00
Tel: 075-352-1111 Closed: Irregularly


An elegant space, and a feast for the eyes. The scintillating flavors of a master chef welcome you.

Open: 7:00-10:00; 11:30-15:00 (L.O.14:00); 17:00-22:00 (L.O.21:00); Phone: 075-344-8888 (Hotel); 075-342-5527 (Ukihashi) http://www.granviakyoto.com

26 SHOPS as of July, 2016
Kyoto Wi-Fi available at B2F and 11F

Convenient access from both JR & Subway Kyoto stations!
An array of all kinds of great shopping scenes. A wide variety of dining options on the 11F!

If you bring a receipt of more than 5,000 yen(excl. tax) to the B2F CUBE office, a special tumbler will be presented to the first 10 customers!!!

11F Gourmet Floor: 11:00-22:00 (L.O. 21:30); 1F, B1F KYO-MEIKA Souvenirs: 8:30-20:00; B2F Fashion: 10:00-20:00 (until 21:00 on Fri. & Sat.)
*Opening times vary depending on the shop.
Tel: 075-371-2134 ; http://en.thecube.jp

Porta Dining
Fantastic Food Mall with Excellent Choices

A great variety of dining options are gathered at this mall from Japanese, Chinese, Western dishes to fast food and cafes! Directly connected to Kyoto Station, this is the best place to spend your time while waiting for your next journey. Shops and bakeries for take-away food are also available! *Major credit cards accepted at all shops (incl. GINREN).

11:00-22:00 (morning from 7:30)
*Opening hours vary depending on the restaurant.
Tel: 075-365-7528 (English spoken)

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