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Kyoto Station Building Information

The Gateway to Kyoto
The perfect complement to traditional Kyoto, the Station Building's modern design is not only the city's main transportation hub, but is home to a variety of amazing cultural, dining and shopping experiences. Enjoy futuristic facilities in the heart of the ancient capital!

*All Photos courtesy; Kyoto Station Building

''Beauty of Kyo Gashi -Elegant Kyoto Confectionery Culture throughout 1200 Year History''

April 2 (Tues.) to 29 (Sun.)
In front of the Kyoto Station Building Information Center

''Kashi'' is the Japanese word for a sweet or confectionery. Through its long history, a number of unique types of ''Kyo Gashi'' confectionery culture have developed in Kyoto.

In general, however, a piece of ''Kyo Gashi'' looks like a gem which elegantly represents a season of Kyoto and often gets its fine name from classical literature. Kyo Gashi have developed alongside the culture of the Japanese imperial court, Buddhism, Shinto, rituals and tea ceremony. Experience the beauty of Kyo Gashi.

-Panel exhibition: History of Kyo Gashi, Kyo Gashi with seasons and ritual, tea ceremony manners
-Exhibit of Kyo Gashi art
-Exhibit of replica of Kyo Gashi featuring April

Referring to a way of life fundamental to Kyoto culture and nurtured by the city's artisans, the word ''Bifu'' can be translated to ''lovely ways'' or ''beautiful customs.'' The KYOTO BIFU exhibitions at Kyoto Station Building introduce ''Bifu'' in its various forms, both new and traditional. Particularly, they focus the works of artisans who embody this philosophy and, in turn, have come to represent the Kyoto way of life.

Satellite Event ''Miyako Utsushi -EYEcon -'' Photo Exhibition by Naoko Narita

April 12 (Fri.) to May 12 (Sun.)
At 7F East Square North Piloti

“EYEcon”; Naoko Narita

The 7th edition of the KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival will be held from April 13th to May 12th. A variety of photography works will be shown in specially-selected Kyoto venues. As one of the satellite events of the festival, an Osaka-based photographer, Naoko Narita's ''EYEcon'' series will be exhibited at the station building. Narita captures various touristic sites in Japan, but in a very unique way: she captures the sites reflected on the people's eyes. Some of her ''EYEcon'' series which feature old capitals of Japan will be exhibited.

April 1 (Mon.) to May 12 (Sun.)
KYOTOGRAPHIE and KG+ Digest Poster Exhibition along the Sky Walk!

Kyoto Station Eki Bldg. Marche

April 20 & 21

Join a fun Marche and find pretty and organic items. Fun live 12:00-18:00 music will welcome and entertain visitors, too. Venue: East Square of the Kyoto Station Building (around the Gazebo) *In case of rain, held at Kita Piloti, next to the east square.

Photo from the previous event

Graphical Illumination PLUS
on the Big Stairway

The artistic Graphical Illumination on the Big Stairway began in 2012 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Kyoto Station Building. The main stairway (125 steps) is illuminated with approx. 15,000 LED lights, set along with elegant music. Enjoy the artistic seasonal illuminations of Kyoto.

Illumination: 16:00-22:00
*Illumination time varies depending on the season.
*The illumination will not operate during special events.

Sakura at Hirano Shrine (until April 21)

Tango-no Sekku Boy’s Day (April 22-May 5)

For more details, visit the website:

At the KYOTO Theater, 4 Japanese restaurants featuring excellent Japanese specialties are awaiting you.

Experience authentic washoku Japanese cuisine at the entrance of Kyoto.

Special Yawaragi Bento (set meal with raw fish selection and salad, etc.): 1,780 yen
Nigiri-zen (hand-formed sushi) Set: 1,980 yen
*Menus and dishes are subject to change depending on the season; Tax, service fee excluded.
Open: 11:00-23:00 (L.O. 22:30); Tel: 075-342-5995; Kyoto Theater 2F

Special Yawaragi Bento

Kyoto Vegetables Dining Sepporai
Enjoy a variety of dishes using seasonal fresh vegetables in a traditional Kyoto machiya style relaxing atmosphere.

Assorted Seasonal Tempura: 918 yen
Ohara Gozen (set meal with vegetables, rice and Japanese soup): 1,620 yen (served until 15:00)
*Tax included.
Open: 11:00-23:00 (L.O. 22:30); Tel: 075-353-9565; Kyoto Theater 2F

Ohara Gozen

Many kinds of soba noodles and donburi are available at lunch time. For dinner, try Kyoto's local sake and shochu along with Kyoto-style dishes.

Ten-zaru Soba: 1,490 yen / Haru Urara Spring Set (seasonal dishes, mini noodles, etc.): 2,700 yen (served until 17:00)
*Tax included.
Open: 11:00-23:00 (L.O. 22:30); *Lunch until 17:00 (L.O. 16:30); Tel: 075-352-3663; Kyoto Theater 2F

Haru Urara Spring Set

Kyoto Kimura-ya Honten
Here, you can enjoy Kyoto cuisine, original Japanese dishes and also local dishes from the Kyushu area with delicious sake!

Sushi & Tempura Gozen: 1,450 yen
Soy Milk Yuba & Tofu: 1,260 yen
*Tax excluded.
Open: 11:00-24:00 (foods L.O. 23:00); Tel: 075-365-2000; Kyoto Theater 1F

Sashimi & Tempura Set

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