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Ippodo Tea
Authentic tea for true tea lovers

One must drink to live and for that reason, water suffices. We can also drink tea simply to satisfy our thirst, however, when it comes to the culture of tea, the reasoning goes much deeper. Tea is something that one appreciates with our five senses: see the color, hear the sound of the water, smell the aroma, taste the flavor and touch the tea with your lips and hands.

Noticeable by their noren curtain on Teramachi Street, just south of the Imperial Palace, Ippodo has simply perpetuated how to appreciate the true taste of Japanese tea since its foundation in 1717. Having just celebrated their 300th anniversary in 2017, Ippodo insists that they have been doing just one thing: Providing quality tea to customers who wish to enjoy it.

Ippodo also offers customers an opportunity to learn more about Japanese tea in their monthly English workshop. Following clear and thorough instructions, participants can taste and compare eight different Japanese teas from four tea leaf varieties (gyokuro, 2 types of sencha, and bancha).

Ippodo Tea Monthly Workshop: Learn about and experience the distinct aromas, colors, and flavors of the four different categories: 9:30-10:20, 2nd Monday of every month (except national holidays: workshop held the next day, Tuesday); Price: 3,240 yen/person; Tasting 8 kinds of Japanese tea: matcha, gyokuro, sencha, and bancha; Reservation required three days before by email: event@ippodo-tea.co.jp

Open: 9:00-18:00;Tel: 075-211-3421; www.ippodo-tea.co.jp