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Ine Town
Small and beautiful fisherman's village with Funaya houses

A few hours by train and bus from central Kyoto will bring you to Ine, lying at the northern edge of the Tango Peninsula, Kyoto Prefecture. Why not make an excursion to this beautiful small village where the nostalgic life of fishermen and local culture still continue?

Ine Fishing Harbor

Ine has flourished throughout its history as a fishery town. Particularly impressive are the ''Funaya'' or traditional fisherman's houses. The area where Funaya are clustered is a Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings of Japan. A Funaya is a house unique to the fisherman's village: the first floor is the garage for the boat and the second floor is the living quarters for the household. Funaya traditional houses were said to have appeared in the mid-Edo period (from around 1800) and evolved into the present two-story building style during the Meiji (1868-1912) to early Showa (1926-1988) period.

Local woman checks the rig

Ine's Funaya stand right on the border between the ocean and land, so when viewed from the seaside they look as though they are floating. Currently, there are about 230 Funaya houses standing side-by-side and this naturally harmonized scenery of building and ocean presents observers with a very unique scene. It is strongly recommended to take the Ine excursion boat or ocean taxi for the best views.

Making Himono dried fish

There are no fish shops in Ine because local people buy them directly at the harbor or from fishermen. Stay in Ine, experience their daily lifestyle and savor extremely fresh fish throughout the year.

Ine Festival

Excursion Boat Tour is a must-try tour boat experience to enjoy the Funaya scenery: (680 yen; 35 min.). The Ocean Taxi will be guided by local fisherman using their private boat around Ine Bay (from two people; 1,000 yen per person).

Whole Ine Experience Tour is a popular guided tour offered by local guides introducing various attractive sites in Ine (2,300 yen/90 min.; reservation required 5 days before). Ine Fishing Experience (3,000 yen/90 min.; reservation required 5 days before) is also recommended.

July 28 & 29 Ine Festival
Ine Festival has a history of about 300 years and is also called the ''Gion Festival on the Sea.'' The festival is held to pray for a good catch and its main festival features boats carrying the mikoshi portable shrines and displaying Kagura traditional dance and song performances onboard.

Access to Ine Town
Kyoto Tango Railway (direct from JR Kyoto Stn. and Osaka Stn.), get off at Amano Hashidate or Miyazu Sta.; then change to local bus (Tango Kai-riku Kotsu), takes about an hour ride to Kyoga Misaki, Kamanyu, or Ine Yubinkyoku-mae; www.ine-kankou.jp/