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Hisago Zushi
Sushi restaurant in downtown Kyoto loved by local clientele

In Shijo Kawaramachi, one of Kyoto's busiest areas, there stands a small sushi restaurant which has been loved by many a local clientele. The first-generation owner opened this sushi restaurant in a nearby location in 1949, moving and reopening in it's present location in 1950. Since then, for nearly 70 years, Hisago Zushi has witnessed the transition of downtown Kyoto.

''When I was a child, this area was full of familyrun stores. Every store has their specialty, such as books, western cloth, Japanese footwears, kimono and accessories, even cakes and coffee. Our regular customers were those who enjoyed shopping at those specialized stores and then finished their day with our sushi. I believe what was more important in those days was there was ''trust'' between the stores and customers, recalls Keiko Ujita, the okami (female director) of Hisago Zushi.

September Sushi Set: 5,400 yen

Her son and the third-generation director, Megumu adds, ''I was born, brought up and have been doing business on this site for all 45 years of my life, but I'm still often amazed how profound and limitless the opportunities to learn are in Kyoto. Take the Gion Festival in summer, which has been continued for over 1,100 years, the culture of imperial family, and the exposure to a truly seasonal lifestyle and wisdoms. It is impossible to learn all about Kyoto.''

Second generation, Keiko Ujita and her son, Megumu, the third generation

No matter how much time goes and how the city has been changed, there is certainly something that remains constant; Hisago Zushi will continue to welcome people with their warm smiles and delicious sushi.

Open: 9:30-21:00 (L.O. 20:30); Tel: 075-221-5409; www.hisagozusi.co.jp