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Meet the ''Foreign Locals'' in Kyoto
Moritz Marutschke
Founder of the photography brand, ''Kyotographer''
Studied in Munich and Augsburg, Germany
Date of arrival in Japan the early 1980s and settled in Kyoto in 2007

What brought you to Kyoto and made you settle here?
My history with Japan dates back to the early 1980s, when my whole family moved to Kobe for six years. We kept in contact with many friends from Japan, even after moving back to Germany just around the time when the Berlin Wall fell. Although photography has been my passion for more than two decades, my educational background is in electrical engineering and was the reason that brought me back to Japan for an internship at OMRON, a company based in Kyoto. This lead me to pursue a Master of Engineering degree and a subsequent PhD.

Now, being happily married to a beautiful lady from Shiga and having enjoyed the quality of life in Japan for the past decade, I made the decision to settle. All this time, photographing sceneries, festivals, and everyday life in Kyoto has been a growing passion of mine.

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Please give a few of your recommended places for those who wish to take nice photos of Kyoto.
The most overlooked place must be the garden surrounding the Imperial Palace. It has beautiful nature in any season, little shrines, a bridge with a tea house, gorgeous gates, and many more details. Ninna-ji Temple, Daitoku-ji Temple, and Kitanotenman-gu Shrine are three more places to go when searching for endless photo opportunities and large enough complexes to avoid the masses. Neighborhoods of temples and shrines are clean, safe, and present a wide range of photo opportunities. I often like to explore the surroundings and many of my candid shots are taken there.

What is the Kyotographer's concept? What are you enjoying capturing in Kyoto?
Kyotographer started out as a name to describe my love for Kyoto and photography. It has since evolved and my goal is to establish Kyotographer as a luxury brand for my photo art. My personal commitment is to continuously improve on my photography and my vision to combine traditional Kyoto-style simplicity with the most sophisticated camera and printing technologies available. Apart from the many fantastic places that Kyoto has to offer, I love to capture moments that reflect an intimate look into Kyoto's culture and its community. This can be a serene and perfectly groomed garden or a unique person contrasting the traditional Kyoto.

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