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Meet the ''Foreign Locals'' in Kyoto
Lucille Reyboz
Co-founder and Director of KYOTOGRAPHIE

-From Paris, France
-Based in Kyoto since 2011
-KYOTOGRAPHIE the renowned International Photography Festival. Over 15 exhibitions centered around the theme ''UP'', will be taking place throughout iconic Kyoto venues.

What brought you to Kyoto?
I lived in Tokyo for a number of years. I moved to Kyoto when my eldest daughter was 3, it was after the earthquake in 2011. I met my husband (Kyotographie's Co-founder and Co-director) Yusuke Naranishi just before this. We - everyone - was deeply shaken by the aftermath of such an event and we moved to Kyoto to start something new.

What inspired you to start KYOTOGRAPHIE?
I'm a photographer and Yusuke is a Lighting Director so we've always had an involvement in the creative industry but never before planned events, especially on this scale. Following the earthquake, we felt that we wanted to create something for the community. Something where people would be free to express themselves and create a dialogue - photography is such a strong medium for this and in a country where photography is so highly respected there's actually very limited outlets for photographers to showcase their work. We were inspired to do something that would awaken people's consciousness whilst bringing more of a cultural awareness to photography and the power it can bring to open up to the world around us.

How difficult was it to start a festival of this scale in Kyoto?
Our aim has always been to share innovative subjects with our audience. We want people to discover new things and curating really great quality work allows us to do this. Kyoto is a very artistic place, too. It's traditional but forwardthinking and we've managed to find space to grow here. Local people have really accepted us and understood what we're trying to do with KYOTOGRAPHIE.

Displaying works from 15 different international artists -how did you manage the process?
It takes a lot of investigating! We first put together the programme, then researched venues that each individual event would suit. Most times artists exhibit their work in a white cube but here we can open doors for artists to display their work in different and unusual venues, from temples and traditional machiya to an old warehouse at the Kyoto central market. That's the beauty of KYOTOGRAPHIE, it couldn't happen anywhere else, the spirit of Kyoto makes it special.

KYOTOGRAPHIE is taking place at venues throughout Kyoto until May 13. Visit www.kyotographie.jp for the full schedule.