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How Are You
Enjoying Kyoto? Vol. 2

Patrizia and Daniela from Italy

What will you be trying to see & do in Kyoto?
Kiyomizu Temple, Maruyama Park and Chion-in Temple. The Bamboo forest in Arashiyama looks interesting, too!

What is your overall feeling about this country?
Japan is a wonderful country with a complex civilization. We haven't yet had enough time to truly -find out about this country!; We would love to stay longer to really get to know this country.

Huang and Hou from Taiwan

Is this your first visit to Kyoto?
We often come to Japan; maybe 10 times or more! We especially like Kiyomizu Temple and strolling along the Kamo River.

What did you try & buy?
We tried Okonomi-yaki and Yaki-soba. Shiratama Zenzai (sweet bean soup with soft rice cakes) was good, too. I bought a beautiful Nishijin-ori necktie for my dad.