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How Are You Enjoying Kyoto? Vol. 1

David from California

What kind of food have you tried in Kyoto?
I tried Kerala, an Indian restaurant in Sanjo and Okariba, an unusual izakaya; which offers Japanese Gibier cuisine such as wild boar, Ezo-shika Hokkaido deer and bear meat near Shirakawa Marutamachi.

What is your overall feeling about the city?
Kyoto is a very charming city with a lot of traditional architecture.

Tayla and Rebecca from Australia

What will you be trying to see and do while in Kyoto/Japan?
We just came to Kyoto yesterday from Tokyo and after Kyoto, we will visit Nara. We are especially looking forward to visiting Fushimi Inari Shrine, Ponto-cho and the deer park in Nara.

So far, we have tried obento, the Japanese lunch box, and it was delicious!