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Treasure Box of Ukiyoe and Wood-block Printing

Daishodo was established in 1926 in the Teramachi Shopping Arcade. The shop deals mainly in modern & contemporary woodblock printings, ukiyoe and Japanese old books - and, in fact, their major customers are non-Japanese people.

Today, the second-generation owner, Shun'ichi Nakamura, runs the shop. Originally, his father was managing an old book shop at the present location and he helped with the family business from his youth. But Nakamura didn't have an interest in old books but instead was passionate about antiques and ukiyoe. So, when he took over the shop, he decided to change the range of items. Now, every space in the shop is filled with wood block printings and ukiyoe - It is just like being in a museum and visitors will be completely enthralled by the detailed works and delicate colors of art pieces here.

Most of all, Nakamura's all-time favorites are woodblock prints. ''Craftsmen in the Edo and Meiji period divided their roles, such as a painter, sculptor and printer, and finally their best techniques came together to complete one piece of work. Materials in the old time, like pigments and Japanese paper, were also of superior quality. It is a quite a challenge to make the same standard of artwork now as many materials are being imported today.'' The biggest appeal, however, are the print's dryness, free of any oily texture. ''I don't know how to express exactly, but they have such a lucidity which I fell in love with.'' Besides valuable items, there are some reasonablypriced, yet fine, items from around 1,000 yen, too. Visiting Daishodo will be truly be an encounter with the ''World of Japanese woodblock prints.''

Daishodo: Open: 11:00-18:45; Closed: Wed.; Major credit cards accepted.