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Sophisticated & Original Chocolates born in Kyoto

Exquisite chocolat in a classical machiya house
Kyoto Nama Chocolat Organic Tea House

Chocolatier Hirofumi Nakanishi's story starts in New York and ends in Kyoto. After working as a master chef of French cuisine in the private residence of the Japanese ambassador in New York, Chef Nakanishi opened an organic tea house in a beautiful 100-year-old machiya house surrounded by gardens in 2005. Here he serves cakes, tartes and his famous chocolate. His chocolates are simple, yet elegantly sweet and fresh blended with an herb liqueur - perfectly wonderful in every way and the ultimate indulgence for every chocolate lover.

Chocolat Set: 950 yen (a set of 4 chocolates: slightly sweet Standard, a little bitter Organic, aromatic Green Tea, and fruity Blueberry; with a drink)
*Photo courtesy; Kyoto Nama Chocolat Organic Tea House

Open: 12:00-18:00; Closed Tue.; On the east side of Okazakimichi, south of Marutamachi (a 3-min. walk from Heian Jingu Shrine); Tel: 075-751-2678; www.kyoto-namachocolat.com

Chocolat for you to savor the true nature of strong cacao
Cacao ∞ Magic

A chocolate specialty shop which only uses organic raw cacao and natural sweeteners such as coconut sugar. The entire making process is carried out at below 48 degrees ˚C which extracts the intrinsic flavor of chocolate, and what is more...they are good for your health too! Their cozy cafe is open irregularly; please check out their website for the schedule.

Fresh Bon Bon Chocolat 3,564 yen/8 pieces
*Photo courtesy; Cacao ∞ Magic

Open: 12:00-18:00; Closed: Tue. (cafe is open irregularly); South of Imadegawa, on the west side of Shishigatani; Tel: 075-757-8914; www.cacaomagic.com

This Kyoto born truffle leaves lasting impression

After a long painstaking making process, the shop's primary sweet ''Munian Truffle'' finally made its debut offering you the experience of an unprecedented marshmallow-like soft texture. First, the chocolate and cream are mixed at the perfect temperature while being exposed to the air and the truffle is then laid aside to allow the truffle to congeal. Finally, the truffles arise from their 'sleep' with absolute deliciousness! Eatin is also available in the stylish cafe space.

Munian Truffle: 1,728 yen/3 pieces
*Photo courtesy; MUNIAN

Open: 11:00-18:00; Closed: Wed.; On the east side of Gokomachi, north of Shijo; Tel: 075-256-0200; www.munian.net