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On the south side of Ane-koji, east of Fuyacho; Tel: 221-2464; Open 9:30-18:00; closed Wed.; Saiundo has been in the business of providing great Japanese master painters and foreign artists with the finest Japanese art supplies for more than 150 years; We stock a wide range of high quality brushes, natural mineral pigments and inks, as well as handmade paper; Experience the traditional atmosphere of our quiet, downtown shop; Great artists beginners, we are here to help you get what you need; Saiundo: when only the very best will do!

In the Teramachi shopping arcade, north of Nishiki-koji; Tel: 221-0685; Fax: 255-6463; Open 11:00-18:45; closed Wednesdays; A large collection of prints and woodblock-printed books, ukiyoe, shin-hanga, and sosaku-hanga; major credit cards accepted.

Japanese Modern & Classic Art

Contemporary Art Gallery
Specializing in contemporary & classic art not only from Japan but from across the world including Japanese and Chinese paintings, pottery, Buddhist statues and many more.

Open: 11:00-18:00; Closed irregularly
Tel: 075-211-0809
South side (on Oike Rd.) of the Kyoto Hotel Okura
Email: arte@chive.ocn.ne.jp