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Below Kiyomizu Temple, on Sannenzaka; Tel: 532-4270; 500 yen; Open: 10:00-17:00 (entry until 16:30); closed on Mon. and Tues.; the only museum in Japan specializing in Japanese fine arts from the late Edo (1600-1868) to Meiji periods (1868-1912): cloisonne, metal work, Satsuma ware and makie lacquer, all popular with Westerners in the late 19th century; special exhibitions of Japanese fine arts held every 3 months.

The founder of the Miho Museum, KOYAMA Mihoko, collected some of the finest pieces of artwork from cultures around the world and exhibited them in a stunning location where everyone can appreciate them.  In this way, she has tried to provide an opportunity for all people to experience the enriching, universal and life-long impact of beauty as a form of spirituality. 

Spring Special Exhibition
''Barnett Newman: The Stations of the Cross'' (South Wing)
Also showing “Japanese Art from the Miho Museum collection: Spring Highlights” (North Wing)

March 14 (Sat.) - June 7(Sun.)

This exhibit presents a total of 15 pieces by twentieth-century American abstract expressionist painter Barnett Newman, including his greatest works The Stations of the Cross and Be II, for the first time in Japan—in fact in Asia—through collaboration between the Washington National Gallery and the Miho Museum. It is sure to draw attention worldwide. Coinciding with the exhibit, we present “Japanese Art from the Miho Museum Collection: Spring Highlights” as well as unveil the recent Miho acquisition, Soga Sohaku’s Mt. Fuji screens. The museum will be closed until March 13, 2015.

SHISEN-DO Villa & Gardens
Hidden, fascinating and unforgettably beautiful

Shisen-do is the spectacular home and landscaped estate established by samurai, poet and literati Jozan Ishikawa(1583-1672) in 1641, after he was forced to retire by super shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa due to a serious disagreement. Highly individualistic, the buildings and gardens of Shisen-do are unlike any in Japan. Perfection is on the details and here you will sense it everywhere - winding streams, raked sand surfaces, sculpted bushes, the wild mountain in the background - especially at the height of spring and autumn. Experience another world: discover Shisen-do.

Open: 9:00-17:00
Entry: 500 yen, students 200-400yen.
Location: a short walk east of Ichijyoji Stn. of Eizan railways
Tel: 075-781-2954.

Inviting you to the Elegant and Glamorous World of ''The Tale of Genji''

The world's oldest love story for 1,000 years ''The Tale of Genji'' will appear in front of you on screen, full-scale set and models

Special Exhibition
Until 2/15: Learn about the Heian Period through the Relics
From 2/18: The Artistic Crafts from ''The Tale of Genji''

Open: 9:00-17:00 (enter by 16:30)
Closed: Mon. (next day when natl. holidays); year-end & new-year
Entry: 500 yen
Access: A few-min. walk from Uji Stn. of Keihan or JR line; Turn right at the 3rd traffic light from the east side of the Uji Bridge
TEL: 0774-39-9300

Please show KVG for a small gift!

Kinshi Masamune Horino Memorial Museum
Kyoto Sake Brewery & Machiya Town-house Cultural Museum

The museum, which has been designated as a tangible cultural asset introduces of Kyoto's sake breweries history and townhouse culture; Also sake tasting & shopping, etc. available!

Open: Museum 11:00-17:00 (Entry until 16:30)
Closed: Tue., Wed.(Closed only on Tues. on Apr., May, Oct., Nov.)
Fee: 300 yen

*Sake and locally brewed beer can be bought here; Feel free to come just to shop.

Tel: 075-223-2072 (Eat in restaurant: 075-223-2073)
A 10-min. walk from Subway Marutamachi Stn.

Here you can enjoy a meal and Ninja show at the same time!
Ultimate Ninja Actions Will Blow You Away!

A theatrical restaurant where guests can enjoy a live Ninja show as well as aesthetic food and drinks.

Schedule & Charge
Weekends & nat'l holidays: 12:00-14:00
*Show: 13:00
Show charge + 1 drink: 2,000 yen (+tax)

Weekdays: 18:00-22:00 *Show: 19:30/21:00
Weekends & nat'l holidays: 17:00-22:00 *Show 18:00/20:30
*Show charge + 1 drink: 2,500 yen (+tax & 10% service charge)

A 2-min.walk from Shijo in from the Shinkyogoku Shopping Arcade
Tel: 075-253-0027
*Closed: Wednesday
*Other set meals also available!


YAMAMOTO Roketsu dyeing Experience
73 Umazuka-cho, Nishikyogoku, Ukyo-ku ; 15 min. by taxi from Kyoto St. or a 2-min walk from Nishikyogoku Umazukacho stop on Kyoto City bus #80 or #32 ; Tel : 313-1871, Fax : 313-1941; open 10:00-18:00, closed Wed.; Roketsu dyeing is a unique traditional way of cloth dyeing in which wax is used to block dyes in area s finely drawn by hand on cloth; Yamamoto Roketsu dyeing studio is the only place in Japan visitors can experience the entire roketsu process; instruction by craftspeople with more than 50 years of experience; make something to take home; square textile: 2,000 yen, T-shirt: 3,000 yen, noren curtain: 3,000 yen; book at least 1 hour before your visit.

Dress Yourself in Beautiful Kimono at

Kimono & Yukata Rental available: 11:00-17:00
Kimono & Yukata rental: 3,000yen /person
Kimono & Yukata rental: 5,000yen /pair for 2 people
(+8% tax, cash only; call us in advance)

Kimono for sale: from 4,000yen
Pretty Kyoto accessories: from 100yen

We also have an assortment of Kyoto style hand-made items, pottery, etc. sold at our shop!

Open: 11:00-18:00, Closed: Wed.
Tel: 075-344-3015
English & Chinese spoken
1F Kyoto Excel Human Bldg., on the north side of Gojo, west of Kawaramachi

Aromatic Coffee & Delicious Sponge Cake at
Cafe Kokyu-an
Enjoy a break with our organic coffee & sweet
You will be able to find your favorite coffee cup at our shop from the vast selection of pottery gathered here from all over Japan!

Rikyu Set (Matcha green tea & sponge cake set): 800yen
Special Matcha Parfait: 800yen
Special Burned Sponge Cake: 800yen
and lunch, pasta, rice omelet, set menu, etc. available!
(*Tax incl.)

Tea Ceremony Experience at “Rikyu”
Try yourself to learn traditional Japanese tea ceremony
From 2,000yen/person (+8% tax., cash only)
* Reservation required by phone 1 day in advance; A minimum of 3 people is required.
* Other plans also available; please make an enquiry to the shop.

Open: 10:00-18:00, Closed: Wed.
Tel: 075-344-3002
English & Chinese spoken
1F Kyoto Excel Human Bldg., on the north side of Gojo, west of Kawaramachi

Shunko-in Temple
Experience the World of Japanese Zen at Shunko-in Temple

Shunko-in Temple offers Zen meditation classes and temple tours in English. The American-educated vice abbot will lead you in the basics of Zen meditation, followed by a tour of the temple and explain how meditation influences your mind in everyday life.

Zen meditation and temple tour: 2,200 yen (90 min.)
Every day: 9:00-10:30, 10:40-12:10 *tax incl.

Zen meditation only: 1,200 yen (60 min.)
Every day: 9:00-10:00, 10:40-11:40 *tax incl.

*A bowl of matcha green tea and Japanese sweet will be served at the end of the session.

Stay in our newly-built guesthouse!
Rates: 6,500 yen/person (for 1 person/room), 5,500 yen/person (for 2 people/room) *tax excl.
Check-in: 15:30-18:30, Check-out: 11:00
*All Japanese-style rooms (non-smoking), Free bicycle rental, Free WiFi in every guest room & common space, shared kitchen (self-catering OK)

Check our website for availability.
To reserve Zen experiences & rooms, call or email us.

Shunko-in Temple
42 Myoshinji-cho, Hanazono, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 616-8035 JAPAN
Tel: 075-462-5488


In Uzumasa; Tel: 075-864-7716; open daily: 9:00-17:00 (Dec.-Feb.: 9:30-16:30); Here you can meet samurai, ninja and geisha on actual film sets; From exciting shows to 3D attractions, there is something for the whole family at Toei Kyoto Studio Park; Also, new to the park are the Ninja Mystery House, Toei Anime Museum and Ukiyo-e Woodcut Print Museum.

Individual: Adult 2,200 yen, Jr. & Sr.H.S 1,300 yen, Child 1,100 yen
Group (over 25): Adult 1,980 yen, Jr. & Sr.H.S 1,170 yen, Child 990 yen

*Closed: Jan.16-Jan.20, 2015

Designed by world-renowned architect Isozaki Arata, the exterior and interior of this beautiful concert hall elegantly combines simple design principles with sophisticated function. The main floor of the hall is done entirely in limestone imported from Kyoto's Italian sister city Florence. The Main Hall can seat up to 1,839 people, and the Small Hall up to 514. Used for traditional and classical music performances, both halls include the most sophisticated acoustical designs. A unique pipe organ, with both metal and wooden pipes (the largest of its kind in Japan) can create both classical instruments and the traditional Japanese instruments. The Kyoto Concert Hall is located a few meters south of the east exit of the Kitayama subway station (on the Karasuma subway line). Tel: 075-711-3090.

More Information

A UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage (Proclaimed in 2003)

Experience the Pageantry and the World of Bunraku at Osaka's National Bunraku Theatre-only an hour from Kyoto. A unique creation of the lively, and free 17th-century of Osaka, Bunraku is recognized as one of the world's most fascinating living drama forms. The unforgettable stories and the beautiful puppets and costumes that characterize this amazing stage-art are only a little bit more than an hour away. Step off the train into a real-life world of drama and emotion-Bunraku-for something truly special and cultural. 12-10 Nipponbashi 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Osaka; TEL: 06-6212-2531 (general inquiries only, for ticket reservations see Tickets).

More Information

Meet Japan's Last SAMURAI!
Experience Samurai Okada's amazing performance!!

Experience Samurai Okada’s exciting “Apple Cutting” Performance! (2,200 times in 33 years)
Samurai Okada will teach you the way of samurai sword skills in 5 hours according to Guinness rules so that you can cut apples in the air (70,000 yen for 1 to 3 participants including all accessories). Okada’s student from the U.S. holds the Guinness world record for 2009!

Samurai Okada will be your private tour guide!
Hire Samurai Okada to be your private city tour guide (Day tour: 50,000 yen). He has a versatile, charming personality and 49 years of experience as a licensed tour guide. During the tour he will perform a short Samurai show.

Samurai Okada’s exciting Samurai show (25 min.):
60,000 yen (1-30 people; location & time adjustable)

2-hour private Maiko & Samurai banquet show: 150,000 yen
Extra cost for meals & drinks at Junsei Garden restaurant

Call: Samurai Okada: 090-3867-3538
E-mail: samurai_joeokada@yahoo.co.jp

He has made guest appearances on the David Letterman Show at NBC, Regis Philbin, ABC and 60 other TV shows!

Traditional Swordplay & Performance
Full-scale Samurai experience with Lesson & Demonstration.

Price: from 3,000 yen to 10,000 yen/person
*Reservation required

Please check our various programs online!

SEIGA Samurai Kembu
B1 of Neo Art Bldg., Sanjo Hanamikoji Higashi-iru, Kyoto (1 min. from Subway “Sanjo Keihan” Stn.) TEL. 075-751-2033
English OK

Kyoto MINAMIZA Theatre
Kabuki came into existence around 1603 in Kyoto, originally consisting of short dances but the repertoire has changed is now made up of both plays and dances, most of which date back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Originally, the principal entertainment of urban folk, Kabuki has become the traditional, popular theatre of Japan and is now one of the world's greatest theatrical arts.

Kichirei ''KAOMISE'' Kogyo

A gorgeous Kabuki festivity that illuminates the end of the year in Kyoto

November 30 Sun. - December 26 Fri.

Matinee (from 10:30 a.m.)
''The Treasury of Loyal Retainers'' (Kanadehon Chushingura) and more

Evening Show (from 4:30 p.m.)
''The Treasury of Loyal Retainers'' (Kanadehon Chushingura) and more

Show time: approximately 5 hours, including 3 intermissions
An English program explaining each performance can be bought at the theatre.

What is Kaomise?
''Kaomise'' is truly a special kind of Kabuki program which is gorgeous and has been in existance the same length of time as Minamiza. In the past, actors finalized their following year's contract on a yearly basis, and ''Kaomise'' was the time to make the announcement of a new group of actors for the year. The front of the theater is gorgeously decorated with a dynamic winter traditional scene featuring a ''maneki,'' which is a plate that has each kabuki actor's names in front of the theatre. After maneki are displayed, Kyoto is filled with a winter atmosphere at last, and people greet each other by talking about this year's Kaomise.

This is a special festivity in the world of Kabuki which is awaited by not only Kyoto people, but from people all over Japan where their living national treasures and east and west acting masters gather in one place to create beauty and wonder.

This is a commemorative year because all of the cypress stage panels were re-planked since the theater was reopened 23 years ago. Audiences this year will be able to see and experience a new and more gorgeous kaomise. So please join us with this Kyoto's special winter program at Minamiza Theatre!

Tickets (tax incl.)
(Same price for Matinee and Evening Shows.)
First Class: 25,000 yen
Second Class (A) : 12,000 yen
Second Class (B) : 9,500 yen
Third Class: 7,500 yen
Fourth Class: 5,500 yen
Special Seat: 27,000 yen

Ticket Purchase
Online (English)
Ticket Phone Shochiku: 0570-000-489

*Tickets are also available at the theatre's Box Office (10:00-18:00).
*Ticket returns, exchanges and refunds are not accepted after purchase.

Kyoto MINAMIZA Theatre
On the east side of the Shijo Ohashi Bridge, southwest of Shijo Kawabata
Access Closest Kyoto City Bus Stops: ''Shijo-Keihanmae'', ''Shijo Kawaramachi'', ''Gion''

Japanese Cooking Class in a Beautiful Machiya Townhouse

Our class is hands-on!
*Our staff is friendly, fluent English and knowledgeable about Japanese food!
* Enjoy Japanese tea, sake and more together while in the class!

Morning Class: 9:30-13:00
Afternoon Class: 14:00-17:30

6,800 yen per person
Only NOW ¥2,000 OFF ! *8,800 yen (regular price)

Visit our website for more info & booking: www.cookingsun.co.jp

679 Funayacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto (10-min. walk from Shijo/Karasuma Stn.)
Tel: 075-746-5094

Massage & Relaxation

On the west side of Fuyacho, south of Aneyakoji; Tel: 221-0432; Open: 13:00-23:00 (appointments accepted 12 :00-21:30); closed late Dec. to early Jan.; in operation for over 50 years, Asahido offers authentic shiatsu, non-oil massage, and anma (traditional non-oil Japanese massage); the clinic is housed in a refurbished machiya (traditional Kyoto townhouse); massage is performed by government-certified therapists in private rooms, in an atmosphere of taste and tranquility; based on the principles of East Asian medicine, shiatsu and anma are especially recommended for the relief of travel fatigue; pajamas provided; 60 min: 6,000 yen, 90 min: 9,000 yen; major credit cards accepted.

Shin Rai
Need refreshment during your stay?

Refresh your body & mind at this deep-relaxing space. With various treatment courses, you will be totally refreshed & cured during your trip with just right kind of therapy for you.

Professional treatment with reasonable price
Various courses (with aroma/Chinese oil or non-oil) available!

Non-oil Body Massage (from 60min.): from 4,000 yen
Body Oil Massage (from 60min.): from 5,000
*Check our website for more options.
*English menu available

On the north side of Takoyakushi, east of Higashinotoin; A 5-min. walk from Subway Shijo Karasuma Stn.
Open:11:00-0:00; Tel:075-213-2718; 090-2668-2588
*Reservations by phone would be appreciated