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October Event Highlights 2017
See, touch and experience the Old Capital - What's on this month!
*Time, dates and information of events are subject to change.

Pick Up Event 1

The 21st Autumn Kyoto Music Festival
September 17 - November 26

© Nanako Ito

The Autumn Kyoto Music Festival is a largescale annual music event inviting renowned musicians from Japan and abroad. This year marks its 21st year and a number of appealing concerts have been arranged. Experience a festive and uplifting mood with distinctive music at Kyoto Concert Hall.

*Children under 6 not admitted; Programs are subject to change.
*Tickets: Telephone reservation (075-711-3231) and Concert Hall Ticket Counter (10:00-17:00; closed 1st & 3rd Mon.; closed the next day when Mon. is a nat'l holiday); Online Sale: Access by clicking the ''BOOK NOW'' button.

Oct. 9 (Mon., National holiday) From 14:00
La Biche Ensemble de Kyoto Vol. 14 by Kyoto Symphony Orchestra Members
-The Sound of Octet ''Four Seasons''

La Biche Ensemble de Kyoto

Marcel Poot - Octuor 1948
Antonio Vivaldi (Arr. Hajime Maeda) -Four Seasons (Octet Version)

Tickets: 3,000 yen
Students & Senior over 70: 1,500 yen (certificate required)
*All non-reserved seats
Ensemble Hall Murata

Oct. 9 (Mon., National holiday) From 15:00
Lucerne Festival Orchestra
-Long-awaited Premiere Performance in Kyoto
Conductor: Riccardo Chailly (Music Director)

Riccardo Chailly; © Marco Borggreve

Richard Strauss
-Symphonic Poem ''Also Sprach Zarathustra'' op.30
-Symphonic Poem ''Tod und Verklärung'' op.24
-Symphonic Poem ''Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche'' op.28

Tickets: S 30,000 yen, A 26,000 yen, B 22,000 yen, C & D Sold out
*All reserved seats
Main Hall

Oct. 12 (Thurs.) From 19:00
Kitayama Classic Club 2017
Maximilian Hornung (Cello) & Hisako Kawamura (Piano) Duo Recital
-Roman Music Night by the Young Genius Cellist

Maximillian Hornung; © Marco Borggreve

Johannes Brahms
-Cello Sonata No.1 in E minor op.38 & No.2 in F major op.99
Robert Schumann -5 Stücke im Volkston op. 102
Gustav Mahler / Arr. by M. Hornung -Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen

Tickets: 4,500 yen, Students: 2,000 yen
*All reserved seats
Ensemble Hall Murata

Oct. 13 (Fri.) From 19:00
The 617th Subscription Concert of the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Junichi Hirokami Violin: Boris Belkin

Left: Junichi Hirokami; © Greg Sailor
Right: Boris Belkin

William Walton - ''Spitfire'' Prelude and Fugue
Dmitri Shostakovich
-Concerto for violin and orchestra No.1 in A minor op.77
Johannes Brahms -Symphony No.1 in C minor op.68

Tickets: S Sold out, A Sold out, B 3,500 yen, P Sold out
*All reserved seats
Main Hall

Oct. 23 (Mon.) From 19:00
WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln
Conductor: Yutaka Sado
Tickets: SS 22,000 yen, S 18,000 yen, A 15,000 yen, B & C Sold out
*All reserved seats
Main Hall

Oct. 28 (Sat.) From 15:00
Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra Kyoto Special Concert
Conductor: Michiyoshi Inoue
Tickets: S 5,000 yen, A 4,000 yen, B 3,000 yen (half price for students)
*All reserved seats
Main Hall

Oct. 29 (Sun.) From 14:00
Tomoharu Ushida Piano Recital 2017
Tickets: 3,500 yen
*All reserved seats
Main Hall

Coming Programs November

Nov. 5 (Sun.) From 14:30
The Great Discovery of East Asian Music with the Kyoto Symphony Orchestra
Tickets: 3,000 yen
*All reserved seats
Main Hall

Nov. 13 (Mon.) From 19:00
Kyoto Sinfonietta
Performed by Kyoto Symphony Orchestra Members

Tickets: 3,000 yen, Students & Senior (over 70): 2,000 yen
*All non-reserved seats
Ensemble Hall Murata

Nov. 16 (Thurs.) From 19:00
Kitayama Classic Club 2017
Dezsö Ranki Piano Recital
Tickets: 5,000 yen
*All reserved seats
Ensemble Hall Murata

Nov. 18 (Sat.) From 18:00
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Conductor: Daniele Gatti Cello: Tatjana Vassilijeva
Tickets: S 25,000 yen, A 21,000 yen, B 17,000 yen, C & D Sold out
Main Hall

1-26 Hangi-cho, Shimogamo, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto; a 5-min. walk from subway Kitayama Stn.
Tel: 075-711-3231

Pick Up Event 2

Oct. 22
Jidai Matsuri Festival

The rich costume pageant portraying Kyoto's history

In 1895, Kyoto city held its first Jidai Matsuri Festival: a colorful, exotic costume parade dedicated to the Old Capital's 1100 year history. The first festival also marked the opening of Heian Shrine, a 2/3 scale model of Kyoto's original imperial palace. The shrine was specially built to enshrine the spirit of Emperor Kanmu (reigning 781-806), who founded Kyoto in 794, and Emperor Komei (reigning 1847-1866) who was the city's last reigning emperor.

© Takayoshi Horiuchi (Staff for one)

Today, after nearly 120 years, the Jidai Matsuri Festival continues to be a major focus of pride for the city of Kyoto. For most visitors, the festival's biggest attraction lies in the fantastic range of authentic historical costumes, covering twelve centuries of Kyoto's history and social development. The festival begins in the morning with the transferal, on sacred palanquins, of the imperial spirits from Heian Shrine to the Old Imperial Palace.

© Takayoshi Horiuchi (Staff for one)

The Jidai Matsuri Festival parade viewing seat tickets
2,050 yen (reserved seating with a brochure)
*Seat tickets (3,500 yen) with English earphone guidance are also available on Oike Street.
Venue: Kyoto Imperial Park / Oike Street / Jingu-michi Street

Ticket available at: Kyoto Tourist Information Center (Kyo Navi: 8:30-19:00 daily); Kansai Tourist Information Center Kyoto by JTB (10:00-18:00 daily); www.tic-kansai.jp ; Osaka Tourist Information Center by H.I.S. (9:00-21:00 daily); his-osaka.com/ ; *Additional fees may apply depending on the agents.

Pick Up Event 3

The Autumn Harvest Moon

© Takayoshi Horiuchi (Staff for one)

Of all the year's 12 full moons, the October full moon ''Jugoya'', or harvest moon, is considered the most sublime. According to the present-day calendar, Jugoya changes every year and usually falls in September (sometimes in early October).

Oct. 4
Kamigamo Shrine

After a special dance performance, sweet dumplings and sake will be offered to the first 300 people from 18:00; Admission free; Access: Kyoto City Bus #4, #9, get off at Kamigamojinja-mae; www.kamigamojinja.jp

Oct. 4
Shimogamo Shrine

Traditional dance and music, including koto harp music, will be performed from 17:30. The performers and players will wear gorgeous Heian period costumes; Tea ceremony: 1,000 yen; Access: Kyoto City Bus #205, get off at Shimogamo-jinja-mae; shimogamo-jinja.or.jp/

Oct. 4-6
Osawa Pond in Daikaku-ji Temple

Since ancient times, people have enjoyed full moon viewing from boats on Osawa Pond; Tea ceremony is held on the boats and participants can enjoy an elegant evening in a spectacular setting; Boat ride: 1,000 yen, tea: 800 yen (Admission to the temple: 500 yen); 17:00-20:30; Access: About 20-min. from JR Saga Arashiyama Stn.; www.daikakuji.or.jp

Pick Up Event 4

Meet the Elegant and Wondrous World of Geiko and Maiko
October is the special month that visitors have an opportunity to appreciate the elegant dance shows of all five kagai (geiko/maiko districts in Kyoto).

Mizuekai in Miyagawacho 2016

Oct. 1-6
Onshukai in Gion Kobu

Reserved seats: 8,500 yen; From16:00; At Kyoto Shunju-za; www.miyako-odori.jp

Oct. 8-12
Kotobukikai in Kamishichiken

Reserved seats: 8,000 yen; From 16:00 (from 13:00 and 16:00 on 8th); At Kamishichiken Kaburenjo Theatre; www.maiko3.com

Oct. 12-15
Mizuekai in Miyagawacho

First reserved seats: 8,000 yen, second reserved seats: 4,000 yen; From16:00 (from 13:00 and 16:00 on 14th & 15th); At Miyagawacho Kaburenjo Theatre; www.miyagawacho.jp

Oct. 19-22
Suimeikai in Pontocho

Reserved seats: 8,000 yen or 7,000 yen, non-reserved seats: 3,000 yen; From 16:00; At Pontocho Kaburenjo Theatre; www.kamogawa-odori.com

Every Day
Sagano Romantic Train Ride

© Takayoshi Horiuchi (Staff for one)

The Sagano Romantic Train route (7.3 km) runs from Saga to Kameoka along a gorgeous river gorge and passes through 8 old tunnels; No service on Wed. (except for holidays and during the tourist season).

Tickets: 620 yen (one way); Access: JR Saga Arashiyama Stn.; Tel: 075-861-7444 (Sagano Kanko Tetsudo); www.sagano-kanko.co.jp

Every Day
Hozugawa Kudari River Boat Ride

© Takayoshi Horiuchi (Staff for one)

The Hozugawa Kudari is a river ride that goes from Kameoka to Arashiyama, Kyoto (about 16 km in 2 hours) along a stunning river gorge with rapids and wonderful mountain views; Boats depart every hour between 9:00-15:30 (the last boat departs at 15:30). *Operated irregularly on Sat., Sun., National holidays.

Tickets: 4,100 yen; 2,700 yen (4-12 years old); Access: An 8-min. walk from the north exit of JR Sagano Line Kameoka Stn.; Tel: 0771-22-5846 (Hozugawa Yusen Association); www.hozugawakudari.jp

Oct. 1-5
Zuiki Festival at Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine

© Takayoshi Horiuchi (Staff for one)

This festival is held to celebrate the autumn harvest; Two mikoshi portable shrines decorated with zuiki (taro stems) will be displayed and paraded around the area (Parade will be held on the 1st and 4th).

Admission free; Access: Kyoto City Bus #50, get off at Kitano Tenmangu-mae; Tel: 075-461-0005; kitanotenmangu.or.jp

Oct. 6-9
Autumn Konpira Festival at Yasui Konpiragu Shrine

The important annual festival ceremonies will be held from the 6th; The enshrined deity will be transferred to the portable shrine from 20:00 on the same day (photo taking is prohibited during the ceremony); On the 8th, the special prayer making wish for world peace will be held from 11:00; On the 9th, from 9:00, a final festival will be held to close this year's celebration.

Admission free: Access: Kyoto City Bus #206, get off at Higashiyama Yasui; Tel: 075-561-5127; www.yasui-konpiragu.or.jp

Oct. 7-9
Mibu Kyogen at Mibu Temple

Mibu Kyogen is an ancient form of silent theatre in which performers wearing special masks dance to the music of bells, drums and flutes; Six different plays will be performed each day between 13:00 and 17:30.

Admission: 800 yen; Access: Kyoto City Bus #26, get off at Mibudera-michi; Tel: 075-841-3381; www.mibudera.com

Oct. 8
The 15th Kyoto Intercollegiate Festa

A variety of events and contests will be held throughout the day organized by Kyoto's college & university students; About 1,000 dancers will gather and perform together for the main opening of the dance contest; Fashion contest judged by professionals, and many more fun events.

Admission free; 11:00-19:30; Surrounding area of Heian Jingu Shrine and Okazaki Park; Access: Kyoto City Bus #5, get off at Jingu-michi; Tel: 075-353-9432; www.kyoto-gakuseisaiten.com

Oct. 13-15
Performance Art and Market at Hannya-rin near Shokokuji Temple

This is an open-air performance in which the audience can participate that restages the art of Gei-akindo (merchant performance to sell goods) from the Edo period; Street performances, and also a small market of antiques, toys, etc. will be held.

Ticket: 2,000 yen (adults); 1,000 yen (children); 11:00-16:00; Hannya-rin, in front of the north gate of Shokoku-ji Temple; Access: Kyoto Subway Kuramaguchi Stn.; Tel: 075-211-0138 (Osadajuku); www.osada-jyuku.com

Oct. 13 & 15

Noh Play and Kyo-mai Dance Performance at Nijo Castle

(Culture City of East Asia 2017 Kyoto event)
Noh theater play (on the 13th from 18:30 to 21:00) and elegant Kyo-mai traditional dance (on the 15th from 18:30-20:30) will be performed on a special stage set up in the grounds of Nijo Castle.

Ticket: 3,300 yen, 2,000 yen (students); Tickets are available at E-ticket Pia, Lawson Ticket, eplus and other locations; Tel: 075-222-3121.

Oct. 14
Doll Memorial Service at Hokyo-ji Temple

© Takayoshi Horiuchi (Staff for one)

This temple possesses the dolls that belonged to successive imperial princesses; The general public also bring their Japanese dolls (traditionally used as a form of protection for girls) to a memorial service; The reception starts at 10:00 and the ceremony starts from 10:30; A dance performance by the tayu (highest ranked geisha) from the Shimabara district will also be featured.

Admission free; Access: Kyoto City Bus #9, get off at Horikawa Teranouchi; Tel: 075-451-1550; www.hokyoji.net

Oct. 14 & 21
Sake Tasting Night at Kyomachiya Ryokan/
Sakura Urushitei/Honganji

The host, Mr. Davidson, will lead participants into the unknown Sake World and share ideas on how to enjoy tasting sake to its utmost.

Tickets: 2,000 yen; 18:00-19:00; Reservation required; 14th at Sakura Urushitei; Email: sakura@urushitei.jp ; 21st at Sakura Honganji; Email: culture@kyotoryokan-sakura.com

Oct. 14 - Nov. 5

Kyoto International Performing Arts Festival 2017
Transform Kyoto into a city of cultural experimentation

KYOTO EXPERIMENT presents leading performing arts from around the world and aspires to be a platform for the arts by serving as an experimental place for creativity and interchange. As the name signifies, it is essentially conscious of the ''new'' and ''experimental,'' which explores not only the world of performing arts but all forms of creative art across multiple medias. Along with various satellite events designed to deepen the theater-going experience, the festival offers a wide range of ways for audiences to come into contact with the wonder of the performing arts.

Official Programs
Oct. 14 (18:00) & 15 (15:00)
Teppei Kaneuji
''tower (THEATER)''
At South Hall, ROHM Theatre Kyoto
Adult: Adv. 3,000 yen / Day 3,500 yen

Oct. 20 (19:00) & 21 (16:00)
Xiaoxing Sun
''Here Is the Message You Asked For...Don't Tell Anyone Else ;-)''
At Kyoto Art Theater Shunjuza
Adult: Adv. 2,500 yen / Day 3,000 yen

Oct. 20-22 (17:00 on 20 & 22, 19:00 on 21)
Naoko Tanaka
''Uninternalized (light)''
At North Hall, ROHM Theatre Kyoto
Adult: Adv. 3,000 yen / Day 3,500 yen

And more...
Visit the KYOTO EXPERIMENT website for ticket booking and more information. kyoto-ex.jp

Oct. 15
Saigu Procession at Nonomiya Shrine and Togetsu-kyo Bridge

© Takayoshi Horiuchi (Staff for one)

In ancient times, the imperial family sent their princesses to Ise Jingu Shrine in Mie Prefecture to serve as shrine maidens; Based on this history, a gorgeous Heian period procession passes through the Arashiyama area; The procession departs from Nonomiya Shrine at noon and goes over the Togetsu-kyo Bridge, and finally arrives at Arashiyama Port (at 13:30); After the procession, a purification ritual is held from 14:00.

Admission free; Access: Kyoto City Bus #28, get off at Nonomiya; Tel: 075-871-1972; www.nonomiya.com

Oct. 15
Twenty-five Bosatsu Procession at Sokujoin Temple in Sennyu-ji Temple

© Takayoshi Horiuchi (Staff for one)

On this day, from 13:00, children wearing gorgeous masks and Buddhist costumes will walk through the precinct with about 200 other participants.

Admission: 1,000 yen (main hall); Access: Kyoto City Bus #208, get off at Sennyuji-michi; Tel: 075-561-3443; www.negaigamatoe.com

Oct. 15
Kasagake Ritual at Kamigamo Shrine

© Takayoshi Horiuchi (Staff for one)

Kasagake, dating back about 800 years, is Japan's oldest horseback archery ritual (during which arrows are shot from a galloping horse); This fascinating & dynamic event begins at 13:00.

Admission free; Access: Kyoto City Bus #4, get off at Kamigamojinja-mae; Tel: 075-781-0011; www.kamigamojinja.jp

Oct. 20-22
Kiyomizu-yaki Danchi Pottery Festival in Yamashina

© Takayoshi Horiuchi (Staff for one)

Colorful Kiyomizu-yaki ceramics are one of Kyoto's most popular craft forms; Many stalls near the major kilns in Yamashina will be selling all kinds of ceramic work at very reasonable prices; Hands-on pottery experience, live music performances and other events will also be staged.

Admission free; 9:30-18:00; A special shuttle bus service between Kyoto Stn. and the event venue will run all three days (departing every 15 min.); Tel: 075-581-6188; www.kiyomizuyaki.or.jp

Oct. 22
Kurama Fire Festival in Kurama

© Takayoshi Horiuchi (Staff for one)

The festival begins at sunset with the lighting of fire lanterns in front of each house; The highlight of the festival is watching the men in traditional clothing as they walk up through the village straining under the weight of huge fire torches (5-6 meters long, weighing over 100 kg); Around 20:00, a group of cheering men race up the stairs to Yuki Shrine carrying a large mikoshi (portable shrine) to make the annual offering to the gods.

Admission free; Access: Eizan Railways Kurama Stn. (from Demachiyanagi Stn.); *After 17:00, expect to wait in line and be packed in; It's best to go early and leave early.

Oct. 27-29
Kyoto Antique Fair

About 330 antique dealers, including many foreign dealers, will participate in this exciting event, which is the largest antique market in western Japan; More than 1.5 million items will be on offer.

Admission free; 10:00-17:00 (until 16:00 on 29th); Access: Take Kyoto City Bus Minami #1, 2, 3 from Subway Takeda Stn., get off at Pulse Plaza-mae; Tel: 077-522-230; www.gomoku-do.com

Temple & Shrine Flea Markets


Oct. 1
To-ji Temple: This market is focused on antiques of all kinds; Usually not too crowded and great value all around; 7:00-16:00.

Oct. 8, 18, 28
Toyokuni Shrine: A very small market offering local products; 10:00-15:00.

Oct. 15
Chion-ji Temple: Kyoto's largest handicraft market; An absolutely amazing range of handmade items at incredible prices; 8:00-16:00.

Oct. 21
To-ji Temple: Also known as Kobo-san, this mega temple market offers everything and is extremely popular; Go early, especially if on a weekend or a national holiday; 5:00-16:00.

Oct. 22
Kamigamo Shrine: Handicrafts, arts, food, and more; 9:00-16:00.

Oct. 25
Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine: Also known as Tenjin-san, a super shrine market sprawling in and around this major shrine complex; 6:00-16:30.

Oct. 28
Kyoto Okazaki Marche: Strictly selected authentic handmade goods will be on sale at Tsutaya bookshop's open space in the Okazaki area; 11:00-17:00.

NOTE: Markets shut down much earlier in autumn and winter; When the days get longer and warmer, sellers tend to stay a little longer.